Sunday, June 1, 2008

Edo Competition revisits the Maserati MC12

There is no shortage in the automotive world of tuners endeavoring
to squeeze extra performance out of already devastatingly fast cars.
But Edo Competition is a breed apart. For those still unfamiliar, check
out our previous posts on Edo's customized Lamborghini LP640, Ferrari 599 and Porsche Carrera GT,
which demonstrate that, in Edo's blue eyes, perfection is relative and
can always be improved upon. Their latest venture was to crank up the Ferrari Enzo, and have once again turned their attention to its sister supercar, the Maserati MC12.

This, of course, isn't the first time the German tuning house has
taken their hammers to the uber-Trident, having cranked out the MC12 XX and cranked up the MC12 Corsa.
A bit more subdued than its predecessors, the latest MC12 package aims
to improve the super-exotic's power-to-weight ratio, which came as
stock a bit lower than that of the Enzo due to more bodywork. Edo has
managed to trim 220 lbs of extra weight from the Maserati, while
increasing power by 70 cavalli to 700hp. Edo has also fitted
a host of modified components from the variable exhaust and adjustable
rear wing to the retuned suspension and new wheel package. Visual
changes were kept to a minimum, but customers can always specify their
own exterior and interior mods. Check out the stats after the jump and
the images in the gallery below.