Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hybra-Drive hydraulic hybrid to undergo HTUF testing

It's not often that a Hummer is pictured here on AutoblogGreen but this particular brute, owned by hydraulic hose and belt supplier Gates, is being converted to a hydraulic hybrid using a system developed by Hybra-Drive. We introduced them to you in '07 and now that they're making some news, we wanted to bring them back. Their set-up, you'll remember, uses a conventional engine to pressurize a hydraulic system to send power to the wheels which is said by the company to reduce fuel consumption by more than half and reduce emissions as much as 90 percent.

It seems this small Deerfield, MI business has been chosen over some of the more established firms like Eaton to "negotiate with the Parcel Delivery Working Group of the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) in Pasadena, Calif. for validation and testing of hybrid hydraulic power on parcel delivery vehicles," according to the Great Lakes IT report on WWJ Newsradio 950. HTUF is a branch of Calstart that, through forums and working groups, works to help commercialize hybrid designs for trucks. So maybe we'll be seeing hydraulic hybrid systems used in vehicles besides the Peterbilt garbage truck at some point in the future.

Subaru Exiga heading to production, teaser leaks out

We received word from a little birdie last week that Subaru was gearing up to release its brand-new Exiga into journalist's hands in Japan. Coincidentally (or not), a teaser shot of Subaru's new pseudo-CUV popped up on the NASIOC forum over the weekend and it's clear from the darkened profile that many of the elements from the show car have migrated over to the production model. The Exiga, which appeared at last year's Tokyo Motor Show as a lightly veiled concept, will likely form the basis for the new Outback, slotting in between the Legacy and the Tribeca CUV. However, it's doubtful that when the Exiga (or Outback) makes the trek across the Pacific it will be sporting seven full seats. Its closest competitor here in the States is the forthcoming Toyota Venza, which aims to define a new segment between wagon and crossover, but in reality, both vehicles own their inspiration to the AMC Eagle, the original wagon on stilts.

Chrysler 300 Is A Canvass

Why is it a canvass?

Well, just like a normal canvass, the Chrysler 300 is a vehicle which has become the perfect vehicle to customize. And this has been proved to be true by owners of the vehicle who have gone ahead and poured out their kind of style and design on the vehicle.

On this, Chrysler has decided that it was high time to capture what Chrysler 300 owners have done with their vehicles. Through the event ‘Spin It Your Way’, owners of the Chrysler 300 can create a short video clip of the customizations done on their units. The videos can be uploaded on the Chrysler 300’s channel on YouTube. Indeed, this is a really good way to showcase just what kind of customizations Chrysler 300 units can handle.

The winner of the whole ‘Spin It Your Way’ videos was Lisa Marie Varon from Kentucky and would be able to travel to LA and actually see her very own customized Chrysler 300 on display this November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

Hyundai Enters Canada Market With Accent

Travel to Canada and you would find the Hyundai Accent, a small car that comes with an inexpensive price. This vehicle can be bought for only $9,995. That is the same price that the vehicle had thirteen years before. Experts in the industry say that at present, this is the only vehicle that can be bought for only four figures.

With the addition of the Hyundai Accent in the Canadian auto market, the small car war is just about to get hotter. The vehicle would be competing with the Kia Rio which comes with a tag price lower than $10,000.

Analysts say that with such low prices being attached to vehicles, consumers have come flocking to dealerships and getting a unit of these low-priced vehicles for themselves. The problem though is that these consumers are so happy with the low price that they forget to test the vehicle first before the actual purchase.