Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chrysler 300 Is A Canvass

Why is it a canvass?

Well, just like a normal canvass, the Chrysler 300 is a vehicle which has become the perfect vehicle to customize. And this has been proved to be true by owners of the vehicle who have gone ahead and poured out their kind of style and design on the vehicle.

On this, Chrysler has decided that it was high time to capture what Chrysler 300 owners have done with their vehicles. Through the event ‘Spin It Your Way’, owners of the Chrysler 300 can create a short video clip of the customizations done on their units. The videos can be uploaded on the Chrysler 300’s channel on YouTube. Indeed, this is a really good way to showcase just what kind of customizations Chrysler 300 units can handle.

The winner of the whole ‘Spin It Your Way’ videos was Lisa Marie Varon from Kentucky and would be able to travel to LA and actually see her very own customized Chrysler 300 on display this November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.