Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hyundai Enters Canada Market With Accent

Travel to Canada and you would find the Hyundai Accent, a small car that comes with an inexpensive price. This vehicle can be bought for only $9,995. That is the same price that the vehicle had thirteen years before. Experts in the industry say that at present, this is the only vehicle that can be bought for only four figures.

With the addition of the Hyundai Accent in the Canadian auto market, the small car war is just about to get hotter. The vehicle would be competing with the Kia Rio which comes with a tag price lower than $10,000.

Analysts say that with such low prices being attached to vehicles, consumers have come flocking to dealerships and getting a unit of these low-priced vehicles for themselves. The problem though is that these consumers are so happy with the low price that they forget to test the vehicle first before the actual purchase.