Friday, September 5, 2008

NISMO Nissan GT R Sports Club Package

NISMO Nissan GT R Sports Club Package

NISMO Nissan GT-R Sports Club package has been announced in Japan. The NISMO Nissan GT-R Sports Club package price is under 5.5 million Yen, and that will be included with a chassis and suspension upgrade: Bilstein Damp Tronic adjustable dampers with a 3-mode switch and new springs.

NISMO Nissan GT-R Sports Club interior features a leather interior with embroidered Nismo logos, and Recaro bucket seats.

NISMO Nissan GT R Sports Club Package

The NISMO Nissan GT-R Sports Club comes with Bridgestone Potenza tires and new Ray’s 1-piece forged aluminum wheels with a Nismo logo.

NISMO Nissan GT R Sports Club Package

Woodward 2008: Cruising on two wheels

Click above for high-res gallery of motorcycles cruising Woodward

Sure, the vast majority of vehicles cruising down Woodward Ave. this weekend are of the four-wheeled variety, but motorcycles were well represented as well. In between all the exotics, classics and modern muscle, we dodged (and occasionally stopped) traffic to grab a pretty good representation of what was out there, whether they be scooters, choppers or trikes... plus some things that defy classification altogether. Check out our complete gallery below.

Gallery: Woodward 2008: Motorcycles

2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra

The new 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra will have its public debut at the Paris Motor Show, in October this year. Powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine, the 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra may gets 180 PS since it is equipped with a turbocharger and a supercharger.

The 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra engine is coupled with the seven-speed DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) transmission, complete with F1-style steering wheel shift-paddles.

2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra

Seat Ibiza Cupra (2008) comes with a new front bumper and air intakes surrounding the grille. The 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra equipped with 17″ alloy wheels and comes with a rear diffuser and a centrally-placed trapezoid exhaust pipe.

2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra Picture

The 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra interior features sports seats and track-inspired aluminum pedals. But, there are no announcement yet for the 2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra price.

2008 Seat Ibiza Cupra Photo

Deus Ex Machina, an electric Yamaha-branded exoskeleton

Click on the image for more shots of the Deus Ex Machina concept

Bumsuk Lim, a professor at Art Center Pasadena in California, has started a new program which aims to push the boundaries of future motorcycle design. Lim projects two-wheeling as a possible green revolution of sorts, saying, "There is no point in designing existing vehicles and simply adding green technology to the same old problem when we have the opportunity, and the moment in time, to make a greater change! Why not use these new environmentally safe technologies to change the way we ride?"

Judging from the first design we've seen from Jake Loniak, convention has taken a back seat to design. Called Deus Ex Machina, which means God Out of a Machine, the three-wheeled vehicle is a melding of motorcycle and exo-skeleton, complete with artificial vertebrae and pneumatic muscles. A built-in helmet, which sits atop the machine at rest, tilts forward with the body of the rider, making for a leaned-forward riding position. If it were ever built, which seems rather unlikely, the vehicle is projected to accelerate to sixty in three seconds and travel up to sixty minutes at a speed of up to seventy-five miles per hour, all after a fifteen minute charge of the Doped NanoPhosphate batteries and ultra-capacitors.

[Source: GreenCarDesign via Hell For Leather]

Clean Power Technologies still working on new steam-assisted cars

There have been a few companies which have been working on new applications of steam power for our automobiles, some of which are well known, such as BMW, and others just now coming out of the woodwork. One such company is Clean Power Technologies based in the U.K. One common thread from these new systems is that they all rely on waste heat from our tried-and-true internal combustion engines. CPT's technology uses the exhaust heat to generate its steam, and it has many uses from there. In early tests, the company powered half of a Mazda rotary engine with steam and the company is still investigating the possibility of a gas/steam hybrid, hoping to have something ready for production by 2011. Another possibility involves powering auxiliary systems such as air conditioning or refrigeration units with the steam power. CPT is working with Safeway stores in the U.S. to start testing this system shortly.

[Source: Channel 4]

Will BMW bring four cylinder engines back to the U.S. market?

For the past several years, BMW hasn't sold any vehicles in the United States with fewer than six cylinders. With BMW scaling back production of V8 and inline six engines, is the time approaching when four-cylinder Bimmers will return to our shores? Inside Line definitely seems to think the four banger will be back soon, probably in the 3-series and 1-series. The European spec 120i and 320i both use a normally aspirated, direct injected 2.0L that produces 167 hp and pushes a 320i from 0-62 mph in a respectable 8.2 seconds. The 320i is rated at 38.6 mpg (U.S.) on the EU combined cycle, which would probably amount to mileage in the low 30s on the EPA cycle. BMW project director Oliver Friedmann told Inside Line while the gas four cylinders could do well in the U.S. he didn't think Americans were ready for the the four cylinder diesel in the 123d and 320d. Personally, having driven the 123d I'd have to disagree on this count. I think that Americans would actually prefer the superior torque of the diesel and a real world 37 mpg. BMW hasn't yet responded to a request for comment from ABG.

[Source: inside Line]

Motorcycles get pole position in Spain

You know how it is when you're in traffic. Everyone thinks they're Mario Andretti or Danika Patrick while jostling for the prize of pole position at the upcoming traffic light so that when it turns green they can speed off without any impedance for a least half a block. Certain cities in Spain have decided, however, that it will do you no good to do the blacktop boogie unless you are on a motorbike. Yes, those Spaniard civil-engineering smartie pants realize that motorbikes are not only greener than cars but that they accelerate faster and therefore deserve the added safety and prestige of the front row. If you've ever watched Formula One racing you know that the most dangerous place to be is somewhere mid-pack where everybody seems to want to occupy the same real estate as someone else. The front row doesn't usually have that problem (until the first turn anyway.)

According the, Barcelona was the first to come up with the innovation but now Madrid has followed, though their "grid" has a less colorful paint scheme. We doubt this idea will make the journey across the pond but think it's a pretty good one. Click the pic above for more images.

[Source: via The Scooter Scoop ]

Rendered Speculation: how will you tune the Camaro?

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With sales of the 2010 Chevy Camaro starting in the first quarter of 2009, it's inevitable that a variety of tuner versions will be popping up left and right. Deviant Art member Morfiuss decided that was too long to wait and beat everyone to the punch with his photoshopped rendition of a Hamann Camaro. We think he did a stellar job, penning in a new front fascia, side skirts, flared fenders, 20-inch rims, and gullwing doors that depict what Hamann would probably do if they got their hands on a Camaro. It's not likely to happen, but it does beg the question -- how would you tune the Camaro? Would you build a Euro-style version similar to the Hamann, or how about an all-out drag racer set for ten second time slips? Our pick? A street/track version styled after the Mark Donohue's Penske Camaro that was so dominant in the Trans-Am series in the late 1960's.

[Source: via]

Consumer Reports investigating motorcycle testing procedures

Click on the image above for high-resolution shots of the Aprilia Scarabeo 200

There's no arguing with the fact that high gas prices have fueled an increase in motorcycle and scooter sales. As Consumer Reports shows, the overall scooter market in particular is up a whopping twenty-four percent. Still, there are many issues with using two-wheelers for everyday transportation chores, with safety being of paramount concern. As CR reports, riders involved in motorcycle crashes are thirty-four times more likely to be killed than individuals in automobiles. Interestingly, head injuries make up a very large chunk of serious motorcycle injuries, which means riders wearing helmets are considerably safer than riders who choose to go out sans head protection.

For this reason, the popular consumer guide is beginning to study the market in an effort to provide its readers with valuable information regarding this recent trend and is considering creating a special set of testing procedures for two-wheelers. Data shows that the majority of motorcycle accidents could be avoided with proper training, so we look forward to seeing what, if anything, CR comes up with for testing.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

BMW F 650 GS gets reintroduction to the U.S.

Click above for more high-res images of the 2009 BMW F 650 GS

BMW Motorrad has had a 650cc off-road-ready adventure bike in its line since 2000, but the new one for model year '09 is vastly different than its predecessor. The bike is completely new and highlighted by a new parallel-twin engine that now displaces almost 800cc -- the same as the more powerful but more expensive F 800 GS. The two models differ in their specific engine tuning with the 650 producing 71-horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 55 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm and the F 800 GS offering up 85 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 62 lb-ft at 5,750 rpm. Unlike most BMW motorcycles that use a shaft drive, the F-Series GS uses a more rational chain for its off-road durability and interchangeability. A steel trellis frame mates with a double-sided swingarm to offer a stiff chassis and the fuel is mounted below the seat for a low center of gravity. Pricing begins at $8,255, though adding the Standard Package quickly raises the asking price to $9,760. You'll want that package as it includes heated hand grips, anti-lock brakes, an on-board computer, and (who cares?) white turn signals.

Gallery: 2009 BMW F 650 GS

[Source: BMW]

REVEALED: 2009 KTM 990 Supermoto R

Click above for more images of the KTM 990 Supermoto R

As it waits for the upcoming EICMA show this November in Milan for its official release, the KTM 990 Supermoto R has gotten an early debut courtesy of somebody who got their hands on these images. We can clearly see a new color scheme featuring white bodywork with black and orange highlights along with an orange frame and black swingarm. Note the Y-Spoke wheels and Brembo Monoblock brakes, both of which will surely add to the hooligan-machine's fun quotient. A forward-leaning riding position will help keep the front tire down, although it appears it may cut into the available fuel capacity, as well.

We don't yet know if any changes have been made to the engine, but it probably doesn't matter. The Austrian firm's V-Twin makes plenty of power, especially for a naked bike with no wind protection. The Supermoto will most definitely rip on the corners and will be at its element at full lean angle, and that's what really counts for a bike like this.

Dodge Nitro and Jeep Liberty to merge into one vehicle

News out of Toledo is that Chrysler plans to drop either the Jeep Liberty or the Dodge Nitro within four years and merge the two vehicles into one. These two 'utes are built on the same exact platform, use basically the same engines and are built in the same Toledo plant. There is no good reason for both of them to exist, which makes us wonder why they ever did in the first place and why it will take three years to correct. Regardless, considering that Jeep will always be the off-road brand, it would make most sense to keep the Liberty name going. Losing the Nitro, meanwhile, might actually help Dodge improve its image as a volume performance brand.

This convergence of duplicate vehicles is part of Chrysler's Project Genesis plan. Under the plan, dealers will begin to offer Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles under the same roof. Other nameplates that are or should be converged include the Jeep Compass/Jeep Patriot and Dodge Durango/Chrysler Aspen, the latter of which could see themselves replaced by a new model with Jeep underpinnings.

Ducati to update Monster range with 1100 DS engine

You knew that Ducati wouldn't go too long without upgrading its modern-classic Monster line. Last year, the only option available for fans of the original naked bike was the entry-level 696 engine. While that machine, with its throaty V-Twin and brand new chassis, was definitely a good bike, those looking for a bit more power either had to move on up the Italian manufacturers line or look elsewhere. As expected, Ducati will rectify that problem this year by dropping its excellent Dual Spark 1100cc air-cooled engine inside the Monster's shapely new trellis frame. Along with the engine upgrade, a single-sided swingarm spices things up at the rear and much improved Brembo radial mount brakes should equal huge and controllable stopping power. We're certain that the new Monster will make its formal debut at one of the upcoming motorcycle shows in Europe. Until then, enjoy these grainy spy shots.

The nUCLEUS is one crazy-looking alternative motorcycle concept

We've run across some pretty crazy-looking contraptions in our time, but few of them break with tradition with quite the verve of the nUCLEUS. Looking very interesting from every angle but the side profile, the nUCLEUS revels in its slab-sidedness, or something like that. All the necessary controls appear to be accounted for, and the video on their site shows a bit, but certainly not much, of front wheel lock for making tight turns. This is nothing more than a concept, and as such, no details are given regarding what would power this unique machine, but the designer does not have the internal combustion engine in mind. The side panels, which appear so un-aerodynamic at first glance, are actually just blades when viewed from the front and would be made from some sort of composite. We certainly don't expect to see anything quite like this for sale any time soon, but at least it's a different take on a familiar concept.