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Many motocross tracks planned for Quantya

There used to be lots of motocross parks in Europe where you could ride your dirt bike around banked turns and over carefully crafted jumps to your heart's content. In recent years, though,the issue of noise pollution has really taken the air out of the knobby-tire fun. With the advent of clean and quiet electric bikes like those from Quantya, those days may be coming back. Hans Eder, businessman and motocross trainer, thinks that "Quantya Parks" are about to become really popular and has plans to open somewhere between 50 and 70 of the tracks in Germany and Austria. That's a lot of parks!

One of the first Quantya parks has already opened in the Bavarian town of Siegsdorf and because of the lack of noise, town officials allowed it to be built beside some tennis courts close to a residential area. Would-be riders don't need to bring their own wheels to take on the challenging track. They can be rented onsite for €15 ($22) per 15 minutes and if folks like them as much as we did when we took it for a test drive, you better bring some serious plastic. But you don't have to go all the way to Europe to enjoy a Quantya. According to Quantya's American website, the bikes are now shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

[Source: Spiegel Online]

Economy cars, Prius score poorly in IIHS crash tests

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be considered when purchasing a car for its economy. Obviously, being AutoblogGreen and all, we are concerned with fuel efficiency. Still, a car's mileage or how green it actually may be aren't the only things to consider when it comes to choosing your next vehicle. For instance, when a car is involved in a low-speed accident, how much damage does it sustain? Why does this matter? Besides the obvious dollar amount you would have to spend on getting your car repaired, more damaged parts mean more junk that's sent off to be disposed of or recycled. So, with that in mind, how do economy cars compare?

Ford's latest Focus scores the highest by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, requiring minimal repairs both front and rear after head-on and offset crash tests. The Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Rabbit don't do so well. Neither does the Prius, which can surely keep you safe and save you in gas. As a demonstration, the IIHS made a few simple changes to the Prius' front bumper and greatly mitigated the damage caused by a small accident. Check past the break for a full rundown of all the cars tested.

SEMA Preview: ASI's 800hp Tetsu GTR Bentley Continental GT

What does SEMA mean to you? For most of us, it's a place for the country's top tuners to show their wares to a power-hungry public. But the dark side of SEMA never ceases to rear its ugly head, and further proof will be available at the Toyo booth where the Tetsu GTR Bentley Continental GT will be displayed.

The unholy brainchild of Japanese tuner ASI features a custom carbon fiber wide-body kit that makes ASMA's unfortunate creations look demure in comparison. The two-tone paint scheme... uhhh... compliments the massive haunches, deep side skirts and GT-style wing, while 22-inch blingalicious rollers prove that chrome is still in high demand... unfortunately.

According to Modified Luxury and Exotics, only 29 Tetsu GTRs will be produced, each putting out over 800 hp. We'll be on hand to provide live shots of the other five vehicles featured at the Toyo stand, assuming our camera lens doesn't crack when we zoom in on the GTR's gaudy fascia.

[Source: Modified Luxury and Exotics]

ABG speaks with PowerGenix about NiZn batteries

We recently got on the phone with Dan Squiller from PowerGenix, a company which hopes to "revolutionize the battery industry" with its new nickel-zinc batteries. The firm's batteries will soon make an appearance in power tools and in lawn and garden machinery, with ebikes, scooters and consumer AA-sized units shipping shortly thereafter. Of course, the company also sees huge room for expansion in hybrid cars and has plans to sell its technology to a major manufacturing company in the near-term future.

What makes the company think its product is so good? Read on past the break for the story.

Paris Preview: 2010 MINI Crossover Concept

Click either image for a gallery of the MINI Crossover Concept

It's finally arrived folks... and it's not the coming apocalypse. MINI has released the first official images of the Crossover Concept, proving that BMW not only has a sense of humor, but that it's serious about bringing an all-wheel-drive MINI to market in 2010.

These initial images give us a clear indication of how future MINIs will be styled, and if BMW's reputation for making only a few revisions from concept to production hold true, this is very close to the finished product.

Measuring about six inches wider and taller than the Clubman, the Crossover Concept features a five-door body style, but that's where the similarities end. The right rear door has a conventional hinge, but the left door slides out and back, minivan-style. The rear hatch ditches the Clubman's dual doors and is instead fitted with a single panel that opens to the right. Sources suggest that the concept's door arrangement might be nixed in favor of something more traditional when it reaches production.

Power specifications and exact trim levels have yet to be revealed, but expect the Crossover to carry the same naturally aspirated and turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines as its Cooper counterparts, BMW's Efficient Dynamics system (with start-stop tech) and naturally, all-wheel-drive.

It's likely that the Crossover won't be spending much time off road, but with a higher ride height, more space, a comfy interior and MINI's iconic styling, we're sure we'll see several on the highways and byways both here and abroad.

Read all the details in MINI's press release after the jump.

Rendered Speculation: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider

Click for more 430 Scuderia Spider renderings in hi res

Lies. Damn lies and speculation. Rumor would be another way to put it, as word of a potential convertible version of the 430 Scuderia spreads across cyberspace. Tentatively referred to as the 430 Scuderia Spider, the roadster would naturally be based on the lightweight, Enzo-rivaling 430 Scuderia supercar, but with the roof chopped off.

Various reports have given conflicting information about what kind of roof mechanism would be fitted to the Spideria, including a retractable hard-top similar to that found on the new California, a manual cloth roof to keep weight down, or the same automatic fabric top from the conventional F430 Spider. Or maybe no roof at all, who knows. The wide range of speculation leads us to chalk this up to pure rumor. The removal of structural rigidity and the addition of weight would seem antithetical to the Scuderia's entire raison d'etre. However the prevailing reports suggest that the Spider will also get the California's new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, be produced in a limited series of 300 and be unveiled on November 5 at the Ferrari Challenge weekend in Mugello... the same event where Ferrari unveiled the FXX Evoluzione last year. Jon Sibal, the skilled supercar illustrator we've come to know and trust, has presented a few renderings of what the 430 Scuderia Spider could look like, which in our eye looks right on the money and you can see for yourself in the gallery below.

Gallery: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider renderings

Motorcycle Air Bag Jacket: a must have item

Motorcycle Air Bag

This has got to be a must have item if you have a motorbike.

If you have a fear of crashing on your motor bike then this air bag jacket could fix that fear.

It is called Hit Air jacket and attaches to your motorbike with a tether.

If you happen to fly off your bike the jacket will inflate to protect your neck, chest, back, ribs and hips from getting any serious injury.

It costs $410 and remember it could save your life should the worst happen.

2009 BMW K1000R: is the K46 their new superbike

2009 BMW K1000R: is the K46 their new superbike
Here we have an illustration that has been commissioned by Motociclismo of what could be the 2009 BMW K1000R. This 1000cc superbike will have an inline-four engine, and the design is so compact that it can fit inside an R6 fairing and will have a 1:1 power to kg ratio.

At the moment the bike pictured above is codenamed K46, however it is believed that this could become the K1000R. It seems that with the design of this superbike, BMW are looking to take on the Japanese.

Source - motociclismo

Skoda Introduces New Sport Pack for Fabia II

Czech carmaker Skoda has announced the launch of a new sport package for its new Fabia II supermini. Named “Dynamic”, the new sport kit adds a front spoiler, a chromed exhaust tip, a roof spoiler, tinted rear windows and a diffuser like rear bumper add-on along with standard air-condition all for the price of 990 Euros or about $1,500 in Germany.

BMW X5 Security - An Armored Vehicle

BMW has released the details and photos of the BMW X5 Security. BMW X5 Security is a SUV that especially built to withstand criminal attacks and other hazards.

BMW X5 Security may develops 261 kW/355 hp and 475 Nm of torque at 3,400 rpm since it is powered by a 4.8 liter V8 engine. The BMW X5 Security top speed has electronically limited at 210 km/h and only needs 7.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

BMW X5 Security is a bulletproof and armored car that can easily take attacks with handguns up to caliber .44 Magnums, including caliber .357 Magnums or 9 mm Lugers. BMW X5 Security complies with the requirements of the VR4 ballistic protection level.

BMW X5 Security

Press Release
BMW presents the ideal combination of state-of-the-art security standards with the adaptability of a sporting four-wheel drive vehicle. The new BMW X5 Security guarantees effective and tailor-made protection from criminal attacks and other hazards. Based on the successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) BMW X5, the new BMW X5 Security has room for up to five passengers and provides a superior drive train and chassis technology, which allows drivers to master even challenging situations and terrain with confidence. Due to this combination, the new BMW X5 Security is unique in the security vehicle segment. It meets all challenges of day-to-day traffic as well as to situations that require special protection and flexible reactions.

Accelerating from naught to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds,

The new BMW X5 Security has a strong 261 kW/355 hp V8 engine. The large, 4.8 liter eight-cylinder powerplant mobilizes a maximum torque of 475 Nm at 3,400 rpm. Accelerating from naught to 100 km/h in only 7.5 seconds, the BMW X5 Security’s top speed is limited electronically to 210 km/h. In addition to the engine performance the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system ensures dynamic and superior thrust at all times. The constantly, electronically controlled all-wheel drive is networked via DSC Dynamic Stability Control to variably distribute the drive power between front and rear wheels. This way, xDrive promotes dynamic driving and on-road stability as well as off-road traction.

The new BMW X5 Security is the only vehicle of its segment to meet the requirements of the VR4 ballistic protection level. Its security options, which include armored passenger and baggage compartments as well as safety glazing, have been specially developed for this model and tested as part of the product development process. The integration of protective components has been taken into consideration during the development of the BMW X5 model and establishes ideal prerequisites for equipping the BMW X5 Security with highly effective security technology ex works.

The BMW Security concept: More than thirty years’ experience.

Only few international car manufacturers have their own security vehicle engineering tradition. For more than thirty years, BMW has been one of them, offering customers a profound experience that guarantees reliable and expert vehicle and passenger safety solutions. All active and passive safety aspects have been taken into account and effectively combined to create a holistic synthesis. The safety concept F.I.R.S.T. (Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology), which is applied to all BMW vehicles, is the cornerstone of this approach. Based on this, the safety level of the protective measures of BMW Security vehicles can be optimized to suit individual customer requirements.

The professional protection concept of the new BMW X5 Security focuses on threats posed by criminal actions such as robbery, kidnapping or carjacking. These crimes are predominantly random acts. Most attackers do not target the passengers, but either their valuable possessions or the vehicle itself. BMW X5 Security provides extensive protection from such attacks.

Official certificate after particularly extensive tests.

The vehicle’s armored passenger compartment is an essential part of the protection concept. It is bulletproof and safely withstands attacks with handguns up to caliber .44 Magnums, including caliber .357 Magnums or 9 mm Lugers. Accordingly, the BMW X5 Security complies with the requirements of the VR4 ballistic protection level. Testing and certification of the vehicle to internationally recognized European standards DIN EN 1063 and DIN EN 1522/23-1 was carried out by the Beschussamt Mellrichtstadt, an official German ballistics authority. BMW deliberately requested ballistic tests that exceeded conventional requirements. In addition to the stipulated firing angles of 90° and 45°, the tests included real-life scenarios including different long-range firing situations. The vehicle was certified accordingly.

Superior protection is afforded by special features such as components and panels which are made from special high-performance fiber-reinforced material. This material is used in the side panels, the roof, the front footwell and the rear. Some parts are also reinforced by bullet-proof steel for enhanced protection. Circumferential safety glazing with a 22 mm thickness withstands attacks with impact weapons and is also bullet resistant to VR4 ballistic protection level. The windows are reinforced with an additional polycarbonate layer that offers passengers protection from shattered glass.

The BMW X5 Security also provides complete protection behind the rear seating area. Therefore, the trunk can be used as a safe storage area. The two-part trunk lid is fully armored. The maximum vehicle payload exceeds the 500 kilogram mark.

The BMW X5 Security is equipped with an intercom system and an assault alarm, which allows communication with people outside of the car without opening doors or windows. If the assault alarm is triggered, all doors and windows are locked automatically and acoustic as well as optical alarm signals are activated. The alarm control elements are situated near the cup holders on the center console and are subtly concealed below a flexible cover.

With the help of high-performance camera systems the driver can easily monitor the area in front and behind the vehicle. A rear-view camera transmits an image to the iDrive control display situated in the instrument panel to allow the driver to assess the vehicle’s distance to obstacles without the need to look behind. Side view system cameras integrated into the bumpers provide a detailed view of the area in front of the vehicle. They also transmit an image to the control display. This system helps detect crossing traffic when exiting multi-story car parks or narrow driveways.

BMW X5 Security Image

On the safe side: Maximum protection off the production line.

In contrast to retrofitted security features, all components used for security vehicles that are manufactured by BMW are perfectly adapted to suit the model they are deployed in. The armored passenger compartment for example provides seamless protection of the entire interior. This way, critical areas such as door joints or transitional sections of the pillars safely withstand bullets or fragments and prevent them from penetrating into the passenger compartment.

The BMW X5 Security chassis is perfectly adapted to handle the extra weight. In order to achieve this, special measures were taken. Among others, specific chassis components such as suspension and dampers were integrated and the chassis management software was adapted to suit the specific requirements of security vehicles. Moreover, the BMW X5 Security is equipped with BMW Safety Tires. Even during complete loss of tire pressure– as a result of a shooting or after driving over sharp objects, for example – the tires still function. A fully loaded vehicle can thus continue safely for up to 50 km at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Another benefit of the ex-works protection concept is the fact that all security measures are integrated without having any impact on the vehicle design. Even to the expert’s eye, security vehicles manufactured by BMW are virtually indistinguishable from corresponding production models. This meets customers’ wishes for discretion and provides extra safety for passengers.

Driving dynamics and comfort at the level of production models.

In addition to the outstanding security levels provided by the BMW X5 Security, the vehicle offers a multitude of impressive advantages such as maximum comfort, superior handling and an extremely sporting driving performance. Equipped with the intelligent all-wheel xDrive, the five-seater vehicle is not dependent on roads and expertly masters difficult off-road territory just as confidently.

The high-quality drive train technology and chassis management, which includes all elements of the BMW X5 production model, provides perfect conditions for safely mastering even extreme driving maneuvers and confidently evading any hazardous situations whenever required. The all-wheel drive and DSC Dynamic Stability Control are all networked via the Integrated Chassis Management (ICM), which allows an extremely precise drive power distribution to suit the driving situation at hand. Taking into account the data transmitted by the DSC sensors, the xDrive quickly shifts drive power to the axle with better grip. When dynamically navigating bends, the interaction between the xDrive and the DSC counteract the vehicles’ tendency to oversteer or understeer in bends. Due to the situation-oriented, variable force distribution between the front and the rear wheels, DSC intervenes by applying the brakes separately on each wheel only if this is required by extreme situations.

The DSC version that was developed for the BMW X5 also includes a so called anti-fading support by setting off any decrease in brake power at extremely high temperatures by increasing brake forces accordingly. Moderate build-up of brake forces, in turn, also enhances brake standby in situations which may require spontaneous deceleration. Regular dry braking optimizes the performance of the brakes in the wet, while the start-off assistant facilitates the process of setting off on an uphill gradient.

The DSC system’s range of functions include the special DTC Dynamic Traction Control mode. This mode is activated by a press of a button and raises the thresholds for intervention in the engine and brakes, allowing the vehicle to set off smoothly on loose snow or sand. Last, but certainly not least, DTC promotes an even more sporting style of motoring and navigating bends. In order to aid motorists navigating difficult terrain , the vehicle is equipped with Hill-Descent-Control (HDC). Networked via the DSC, the system allows a controlled descent of hills by means of automatically controlled braking interventions. Even steep off-road sections can be mastered safely and at constant speed.

Standard features of the BMW X5 Security: Adaptive Drive and Active Steering.

Boosting an even higher level of confidence in mastering challenging driving situations, the new BMW X5 Security provides Adaptive Drive as a standard option. The combination of active anti-roll stabilization and variable damper adjustment allows precise control of body roll and damping exactly as required at all times.

Using sensors, Adaptive Drive permanently monitors and gathers data on the road speed of the vehicle, its steering angle, forward and lateral acceleration, body and wheel acceleration, as well as height levels. Using this information, the system controls both the swivel motors on the anti-roll bars and the electromagnetic damper valves.

The FlexRay high-speed data transmission system is being used for the first time for fast and reliable coordination of all Adaptive Drive functions. BMW is the first manufacturer in the world to use FlexRay technology in production vehicles.

The new BMW X5 Security is available with Active Steering as a standard option. This system offers exactly the right steering ratio at all speeds and steering angle. Up to a speed of approximately 90 km/h steering behavior is predominantly direct. Moreover, parking is facilitated by the fact that is takes only two turns to proceed from lock to lock. At higher speeds, Active Steering transmission is more indirect, enhancing the directional stability of the vehicle and, accordingly, its driving comfort.

Active Steering is combined with Servotronic for better steering comfort through reduced steering forces dependent on the driving speed. As part of DSC Dynamic Stability Control, Active Steering is also networked via the ICM and actively stabilizes the vehicle when oversteering in a bend or during particularly demanding braking maneuvers. When applying the brakes on surfaces with a varying frictional coefficient (split-friction braking), for example, Active Steering generates a precise but discreet counter-steering effect to prevent the vehicle from swerving out of control. This way, even challenging driving situations can be mastered with maximum dynamics and utmost confidence.

BMW X5 Security Photo

Active and passive safety: BMW X5 is the ideal foundation.

Not only in terms of drive chain and chassis technology, but also in the areas of active and passive safety, the new BMW X5 Security benefits from substantial progress in development that was achieved up until the launch of the new version of the SAV production model. The torsional body stiffness, the arrangement of deformation zones, the crash safety of the passenger compartment and the high degree of safety features including their central control, the brake and lighting system have been significantly improved on the previous model.

The interior of the BMW X5 is equipped with frontal and hip/thorax airbags as well as curtain/head airbags at the side as standard features. These airbags inflate from the A-pillar covers and from the roof lining to protect passengers in the first and the second row of seats from injury. The BMW X5 is equipped with three-point inertia-reel belts on all seats. These restraint systems come with belt force limiters as well as with a belt latch tensioner for the front seats. ISOFIX child seat fasteners on the rear seats are featured as standard. In the event of an impending rollover, rollover sensors activate the curtain airbags and belt latch tensioners. Networked with DSC Dynamic Stability Control, these sensors guarantee an early and situation-related operation of the system. Due to this extensive package of measures for enhanced passenger safety, the BMW X5 meets the most stringent crash safety requirements. The BMW SAV was the first vehicle of its segment to be awarded five stars, the best result in the Euro-NCAP crash test.

The high-performance brake system in the new BMW X5 is supported by the wide range of DSC functions to ensure excellent stopping power in every situation. Inner-vented discs on all four wheels take up braking energy with maximum efficiency. Brake disc diameter on the BMW X5 Security is 365 millimeters at the front and 345 millimeters at the rear.

In conjunction with the Bi-Xenon headlights, the BMW X5 Security is also available with an optional adaptive bend-lighting system. The adaptive bend-lighting system adapts the illumination of the road to the corresponding steering angle. The headlights follow the progression of the bend, thus improving visibility of the stretch of road in front of the vehicle. In conjunction with the adaptive bend-lighting system, the vehicle can be equipped with an optional turning lights integrated into the fog lamps. With every turn, the fog lamps’ light beam is guided to the side by a reflector to clearly illuminate the road ahead in the new direction taken by the turning vehicle.

BMW X5 Security: Extraordinary SAV, unique security vehicle

Safety, dynamics, protection – the new BMW X5 Security provides it all at premium level. It stands for both the extraordinary characteristics of a sporting BMW four-by-four and for the manufacturer’s outstanding competence in the development and engineering of security vehicles. The BMW X5 Security imparts a feeling of confidence to the driver and a feeling of safety and comfort for the passengers, both of which is combined with a discreet appearance which helps maintain the passengers’ anonymity.

Similar to the production model, the new BMW X5 Security is distinguished by its superior driving dynamics and impressive traction. Moreover, this model provides the comprehensive functional range of the successful BMW SAV model including five seats and the adaptive luggage compartment. The only vehicle of its segment to be certified to VR4 ballistic protection level, the BMW X5 Security combines sheer driving pleasure with the versatility of state-of-the-art safety engineering. This vehicle is prepared for mastering or preventing hazardous situations in more ways than one. The BMW X5 Security is both, an extraordinary SAV that is tailored to customers with a special focus on protection, and a unique security vehicle for a wide variety of applications and a high degree of day-to-day functionality.

BMW security vehicles: Development and engineering to standards of excellence.

All security vehicles are wholly manufactured by BMW to strict BMW quality assurance specifications for development and production. As with the production vehicle, the BMW X5 Security is manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina/USA. The protection components are integrated to BMW process specifications at the manufacturer’s plant in Toluca (Mexico).

At the same time, BMW provides its customers with extensive support all over the world, ranging from discreet consultancy to comprehensive service and part supply. All security vehicles are designed to allow maintenance and repair in regular BMW branches. The service range includes a corporate pool of security and maximum security vehicles.

In addition to its customer service, BMW offers special Security Driver Training sessions. BMW has been conducting these training sessions for more than twenty years. Drivers have a choice of different levels of intensity depending on the prior knowledge of the participants. They are carried out in different locations all over the world and are conducted by highly skilled experts. The training provides an extensive insight into the theory as well as practical vehicle handling.

BMW X5 Security Picture

Luber Custom Stilet trike: Mad Max post-apocalypse styling

When looking for a new motorcycle you want something that looks futuristic as well as cool and new looking. Imagine my shock when I first saw images of the Luber Custom Stilet trike. Just take a look at these images and you will see what I mean, the bike is like it has come straight out of a Mad Max movie.


I would say that the style of these trikes is post-apocalypse, so if you like the rusty metal look then you will love the Luber Custom Stilet trike. Don’t worry that your bike will fall apart once you have purchased it; the rust is just an airbrush finish.


The bike is to be powered by a 5.7 liter V8 and will produce 300 horsepower, looking at how light this vehicle is it will be very fast, maybe too fast.

Read more information at Lubar Customs via Engadget

D-Tec system wearable airbag for motorcyclists ready for sale in 2010

D-Tec system wearable airbag for motorcyclists ready for sale in 2010
No matter how safe manufactures try to make their motorcycles there is always one week point, the motorcyclists. The thing is when you fall of your bike the only thing that helps to take the impact is your crash helmet and your leathers.

Well D-Tec system has been working for ten years on a protection system, what they have come up with is the wearable airbag. This is basically a fully wearable airbag, however as yet there is no pricing. But whatever the price, serious bikers will pay the premium just to be safe. Expect to see the D-Tec system wearable airbag in stores by 2010.

Source - Web Bike World via boing boing

XO Move Motorcycle is the real Transformers Concept: Do you like it?


Take a look at this cool motorcycle concept which is definitely the real Transformer, and we say this because it does actually transform.

The XO Move Motorcycle is unique especially when it is parked because it can transform into the locked position for security. It will adjust for the riders needs; it can carry one or two persons and has a variable wheel base to make it more stable on the roads. The designers of the XO Move Motorcycle are Josson Thomas, Camile Baron, Damien Grossemy & Kevin Lecoutre.




Hey Megatron you better watch your back mate.

Skoda Announces UK Pricing on New Superb

Skoda UK today announced pricing for its all-new flagship sedan, the 2009 Superb. Prices begin at £15,490 for the entry-level 125Hp 1.4TSi and go all the way up to £26,675 for the top-of-the-range 3.6 FSI 4x4 model. Trim levels will be comprised of S, SE and Elegance with all models getting seven airbags: driver and passenger front and side airbags, curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag; while ESP is also standard across the range.

It’s too low Stooooop! Skodas Get Low-Rider Treatment

A lorry carrying nine brand new Skoda vehicles on its back hit a skywalk connecting two buildings somewhere in the Czech Republic when its driver underestimated the height of his valuable load. From what we can tell, at least six of the nine Octavias and Fabias onboard were in one way or another damaged. Wonder how the driver tried to explain this misfortunate accident to his bosses

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Many of us have been speculating as to when BMW Motorrad will be releasing their new and much anticipated 1000 RR race bike. Well we can now tell you that BMW are to launch the new motorcycle and will hit our streets next year and has committed to build 1,000 units.

When you look closely at the BMW S 1000 RR bike is a little conventional than other bikes in the BMW Motorrad range. The engine used to power this motorcycle is a 1000cc inline-four and has been transversely mounted between the frame rails and its upside-down front fork. As a result the bike is very compact, so should handle very well on the road and on a race track.

As yet we have no performance figures, but we do know a few things and one of those is that the new race bike will use traction control. The bike should also be light as the carbon fiber has been used extensively throughout the design of the bike.

Looking at these couple of pictures of the BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR race bike in action on the road, it looks so cool in black I am reminded of the old TV series StreetHawk, not sure if it will be as fast though.

Cadillac-themed hybrid ethanol chopper coming to LA Auto Show

Jim Taylor who is the chief from Cadillac seems to love his motorcycles, so it comes as no surprise to any of us that he has commissioned a Cadillac-themed chopper and will be bringing it to the LA Auto Show. If you thought that was great then you will be pleased to know that Cadillac has commissioned a second motorcycle from V20 and this will be a hybrid version which will run on ethanol.

How cool will that be a chopper running on corn fuel or pure electrons, and do not think for one moment that it will be slow as the bike will reach 60mph in just 4.5 seconds. This new venture seems to have the whole industry a little baffled as to why a motor company like Cadillac wants to venture into motorcycles and a Hybrid version at that.

For those of you who think that this is just a bit of PR and that it will not actually happen, head on over to the LA Auto Show when it kicks of later this year and you will be able to see the Cadillac-themed hybrid ethanol chopper with your own eyes.

It seems strange to me that Cadillac are working on a hybrid chopper, when they should concentrate more harder on better car and truck hybrids.

Skoda Fabia Super 2000 to Appear at Rally Bohemia

A prototype version of Skoda’s latest competition vehicle, the Fabia Super 2000 rally car will make its first appearance at the 35th Rally Bohemia on July 4 that will start from the Skoda Auto Museum in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic. The Fabia Super 2000 is fitted with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine based on the standard 150Hp 2.0. FSI unit matted to a six-speed sequential transmission. The Czech carmaker's rally car also gets a four-wheel drive system and three passive differentials.

Acura MDX 2009 Price

The 2009 Acura MDX price for the North American market had been announced. Besides the base package, the 2009 Acura MDX offers a Technology and Sport package and an Entertainment one.

Acura MDX 2009 is equipped with Maintenance Minder system, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, HID headlights, and a Premium Sound System. Powered by a 3.7-liter VTEC V6 engine, the 2009 Acura MDX may develops 300 hp.

For the base model, the 2009 Acura MDX price will starts at $40,790. And for the Sport and Entertainment Packages, the price will goes up to $48,690.

Acura MDX 2009 Price

Press Release

Acura today announced pricing for the 2009 MDX luxury SUV, which is now on-sale at Acura dealerships nationwide.

For 2009, the MDX’s power rear tailgate feature is standard equipment with the Technology and Sport packages - previously the power rear tailgate was only available on the Entertainment Package.

Additionally, the AcuraLink real-time traffic system includes an additional metropolitan market (Dayton, Ohio) and the MDX is offered in two new exterior colors- Bali Blue Pearl and Mocha Metallic.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the 2009 MDX is: MDX, $40,790; MDX with Technology Package, $44,840; MDX with Technology Package and Entertainment Package, $46,590; MDX with Sport Package, $46,940; and MDX with Sport and Entertainment Packages, $48,690. Although the MDX includes improved features, pricing for the 2009 model represents a modest 1.43 percent sales weighted average price increase. Destination and Handling is not included in MSRP, and for the 2009 MDX remains unchanged at $760.

Acura MDX 2009 Price

“Already considered a benchmark in the performance luxury SUV category, the MDX improves for 2009,” said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of sales. “We expect the 2009 MDX to continue as one of Acura’s best selling models.”

For 2009, the generously appointed 7-passenger MDX retains its confidence inspiring Nürburgring-tuned suspension, Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) and a robust 3.7-liter VTEC V-6 engine that delivers a stout 300 horsepower. Generous standard appointments include leather interior trim, power moonroof, HID headlights, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, Maintenance Minder system, and an Acura Premium Sound System that includes XM Radio and AUX jack connectivity.

The MDX’s Technology Package includes a wide array of features such as the Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition and rearview camera; AcuraLink Satellite Communication System; Interface dial; AcuraLink real-time traffic that now features 77 major metropolitan markets; a 410-watt, 10-speaker Acura/ELS Premium Sound System with multi-format 6-disc DVD-Audio changer; a GPS-linked, solar-sensing, dual-zone automatic climate control system with air filtration and humidity control; and a power operated rear tailgate.

Acura MDX 2009 Price

The available Sport Package adds several features on top of the Technology package including the exclusive Active Damper System, which provides both Sport and Comfort settings to handle varying road conditions. The Sport Package also adds luxurious perforated Milano premium leather, an exclusive alloy wheel design, unique interior trim and auto-leveling HID headlights.

The Entertainment Package can be added to either the Technology or Sport Packages and includes the Acura DVD Rear Entertainment System, heated second row seats (for outboard positions) and a 115-volt power outlet.

Acura offers a full line of technologically advanced performance luxury vehicles through a network of 270 dealers within the United States. The 2009 Acura lineup features five distinctive models including the RL luxury performance sedan, the TL performance luxury sedan, the TSX sports sedan, the turbocharged RDX crossover SUV and the award-winning MDX luxury sport utility vehicle.

Acura MDX 2009 Price

Alfa Romeo Motorcycle With A 4-Cylinder Boxer Engine!

From time to time we like crossing over to the wonderful world of two-wheels. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to stumble upon really weird creations like the 3wheeler Mercedes SLK or the Alfa bike you’re seeing here that attempt to mix characteristics from both worlds -cars and motorcycles. Not always with the same success apparently. While there’s no info on the heavily modified bike, it seems to be wearing a 4cylinder Alfa Romeo boxer motor combined with some parts that look to have come from a BMW motorcycle boxer engine. -More pictures after the jump

Via: Autoblog.it

New V-Rod Muscle in 2009 Harley Davidson Line-Up

It looks as though there is a new line-up in the Harley Davidson family, the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle; this is part of the V-Rod family. The look of this bike is a new one; this is a result of the angular bodywork and exhaust pipes which exit from both sides of the Hog.

The engine used is the Revolution; this is an excellent powerplant, and Harley Davidson hope that this will be enough to attract more buyers, as The Motor Company has been having a hard time of late.

Harley Davidson hope that the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle will be able to ride their way onto the Power Cruiser scene, the huge rear tire spinning under a clean, clipped fender, sweeping side-pipe exhaust and gapping air scoops might well be a winning formula this time.

The 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine is liquid-cooled and has Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, four-valve heads and dual overhead cams. The engine is mounted to a five-speed transmission. The engine produces 125hp and will rev up to 8250 rpm

Could Harley Davidson finally have hit gold with the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle, only time will tell?

Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike: Doesn’t pollute the environment

You have to look at this great motorbike, just looking at the pictures makes me want to buy one. I am always up for helping the environment and transportation that doesn’t pollute the environment is definitely a big thumb’s up for me.

Forget all the walking and the hard work peddling on a bicycle because the A2B Electric Bike from Ultra Motor is what you really need, many people will say the motorbike is weird looking, but I beg to dither on that, I really like it.

The Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike uses mountain bike suspension and includes an oversized seat for that extra comfort for your bottom; it also has a small tray that protrudes out from behind the bike, under the seat.

If the bike runs out of battery juice all you need to do is pedal away to recharge it, also by peddling you can increase the speed of the bike, other than that the pedals are not needed.

The bike will give you around about 20 miles on a full charge thanks to its lithium-ion batteries; the bike will do 20mph.

Source – Ultra Motor via Gadgetoholic