Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New V-Rod Muscle in 2009 Harley Davidson Line-Up

It looks as though there is a new line-up in the Harley Davidson family, the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle; this is part of the V-Rod family. The look of this bike is a new one; this is a result of the angular bodywork and exhaust pipes which exit from both sides of the Hog.

The engine used is the Revolution; this is an excellent powerplant, and Harley Davidson hope that this will be enough to attract more buyers, as The Motor Company has been having a hard time of late.

Harley Davidson hope that the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle will be able to ride their way onto the Power Cruiser scene, the huge rear tire spinning under a clean, clipped fender, sweeping side-pipe exhaust and gapping air scoops might well be a winning formula this time.

The 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine is liquid-cooled and has Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, four-valve heads and dual overhead cams. The engine is mounted to a five-speed transmission. The engine produces 125hp and will rev up to 8250 rpm

Could Harley Davidson finally have hit gold with the new 2009 V-Rod Muscle, only time will tell?