Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike: Doesn’t pollute the environment

You have to look at this great motorbike, just looking at the pictures makes me want to buy one. I am always up for helping the environment and transportation that doesn’t pollute the environment is definitely a big thumb’s up for me.

Forget all the walking and the hard work peddling on a bicycle because the A2B Electric Bike from Ultra Motor is what you really need, many people will say the motorbike is weird looking, but I beg to dither on that, I really like it.

The Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike uses mountain bike suspension and includes an oversized seat for that extra comfort for your bottom; it also has a small tray that protrudes out from behind the bike, under the seat.

If the bike runs out of battery juice all you need to do is pedal away to recharge it, also by peddling you can increase the speed of the bike, other than that the pedals are not needed.

The bike will give you around about 20 miles on a full charge thanks to its lithium-ion batteries; the bike will do 20mph.

Source – Ultra Motor via Gadgetoholic