Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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Many of us have been speculating as to when BMW Motorrad will be releasing their new and much anticipated 1000 RR race bike. Well we can now tell you that BMW are to launch the new motorcycle and will hit our streets next year and has committed to build 1,000 units.

When you look closely at the BMW S 1000 RR bike is a little conventional than other bikes in the BMW Motorrad range. The engine used to power this motorcycle is a 1000cc inline-four and has been transversely mounted between the frame rails and its upside-down front fork. As a result the bike is very compact, so should handle very well on the road and on a race track.

As yet we have no performance figures, but we do know a few things and one of those is that the new race bike will use traction control. The bike should also be light as the carbon fiber has been used extensively throughout the design of the bike.

Looking at these couple of pictures of the BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR race bike in action on the road, it looks so cool in black I am reminded of the old TV series StreetHawk, not sure if it will be as fast though.