Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ferrari Soapbox Derby kicks off at Imola

What do you think racing engineers do with their spare time? Go fishing? Watch some television? Fill in crossword puzzles? No! They build more race cars! Less complicated race cars, actually. That's what the boys at Bentley did with their Continental DC at the Greenpower Corporate Challenge. Over in Maranello, meanwhile, Scuderia Ferrari has joined the ranks of little kids across America with the 2008 Scuderia Soap Box Trophy.

The first round of the trophy took place on Sunday... while the Monaco Grand Prix was underway, leaving us to wonder just who was taking part in this competition. (The Italian-language video after the jump doesn't clarify things, either.) The cars themselves seem as different as can be imagined, and Adriano Zocca of Bologna won this first round – held at the Ferrari-owned track at Imola – with his XFX soap box racer. The next round will take place this coming weekend in Milan. Congratulazioni, Adriano!

Follow the jump for the video and press release, and check out the images in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.