Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Admit it. You liked TRON.

Still in denial? Maybe this will help. The Carver One "steers like a car" and "corners like a motorcycle". However, unlike a motorcycle, the rider—or in this case, the driver—is enclosed with a roof over their head and doors with windows on either side of a very comfy looking seat. But unlike a car, the Carver One is half as wide as most full-size cars, tilts aggressively with controlled stability through corners and turns, and more importantly, averages a claimed 48 mpg! Not quite bike (it's got 3 wheels) and definitely not a car, the Carver One seems like a sexy, fun and practical alternative for drivers who spend more time driving alone in their cars or trucks.

Imagine a freeway full of these things instead of the average car or SUV occupied by a single person, taking up less space and burning less fossil fuel than the 4-wheeled counterparts. Live in a rain-centric city like Portland or Seattle? Here's the solution to wanting a scooter or motorcycle but holding off because of wet weather days. You get all the benefits of motorcycle-like fuel consumption but stay protected from the elements like you would in a car. Leave it to some very smart and passionate folks from the Netherlands to come up with this fantastic solution for the modern day commuter. Sure, nothing beats a good mass transit system, but outside of those solutions that are dependant upon municipalities and the hurdles of funding, bureaucracy and political debate, the Carver One is one kick ass solution within an individual's grasp—assuming they can make an affordable, mass-produced version.