Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AMO 2008: Small bodies, big style

Hornet hatchback

Not too many Spirits or Spirit AMXs showed up at this year’s AMO, so I had to console myself with checking out the other post-1970 small-body AMCs, including the Hornets, Gremlins, Concords and Eagles. The Hornet hatchback in the above photo caught my eye, not for its excellent condition…

Michaud's Garage sticker

…but for the dealership sticker on the back panel. The owner of the car said Phillip Michaud still has several of these dealership stickers stuffed away somewhere.

slightly modified Spirit AMX

Of the two Spirits that showed up, including this Spirit AMX, both were modified. This one only slightly. you could hear it a kilometer away (I’m using metric measurements because, if you’ll recall, this year’s AMO took place in Canada).

Lime Green Hornet AMX

Another post-Javelin AMX did show up: a 1977 Hornet AMX that belongs to Michael Cantin of Chateauguay, Quebec. He said he’s the original owner of the six-cylinder, four-speed, Lime Green AMX, and he towed a trailer’s worth of parts to set up in the vendor’s row.

1972 Green Hornet

Finally, perhaps the rarest of the small-bodies I spotted at Kingston was this Green Hornet, a Canada-only special package from 1972 that didn’t really seem to include anything save for green paint and some special “Green Hornet” decals. This particular two-door had a 304, 14-inch alloy wheels and a nice Domino-pattern interior.