Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buell to offer Ulysses Police bike

Generally, when you see the boys in blue riding on two wheels, it's either on an air-cooled V-Twin Harley-Davidson or on a BMW road bike. Neither of these vehicles is appropriate when the road goes away, which could cause a few potential problems when giving chase. Buell, makers of the Ulysses, a bike which falls smack-dab into the center of the burgeoning Adventure Touring category, has decided to rectify the potential problem by offering a version of its on-or-off-road machine to the police. Differences between the Ulysses Police and the standard version amount to different standard side cases, a standard tall windshield, heated hand grips (which are available for the standard model as well), handlebar deflectors and an emergency response kit which includes the obligatory flashing lights and siren.

We wouldn't recommend trying a getaway under any circumstances, but the chances of shaking the Ulysses Police with its 103 horsepower V-Twin and off-road credentials seems pretty slim. As a bonus to the officers on board, the EPA rates the machine at 51 mpg urban/64 mpg highway. Seems like a pretty decent package, we'd say.