Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coulomb Technologies announces "Smartlet" public charging stations

At the Plug-In 2008 conference in San Jose CA Coulomb Technologies has announced its new Smartlet charging stations and ChargePoint network system. The plan is for the company to sell the Smartlet stations to municipal governments and parking lot owners and then provide the ChargePoint network to provide a subscription based public charging system for consumers. The Smartlets are equipped with electrical metering and wireless communications capabilities. Drivers would get a subscription through ChargePoint and then when they park their plug-in vehicles, the Smartlet would authenticate and then allow them to start charging. Parking lot owners and cities would take a cut of the revenue while a car is being charged. Coulomb plans to make the Smartlets and the network available later this year and San Jose wants to be the first city to install it. New ABGer Shannon is on hand in San Jose for the conference and will put some more info later.