Saturday, July 26, 2008

GM launches to pump CPOVs

Used car sales as a profession has a rather sullied reputation. Some establishments deserve the distaste, while others work hard to take care of customers and stock their lots with good merchandise. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are often a good bet, because they're automaker-sanctioned and undergo an extensive checklist before hitting the lot. GM is making a frontal assault on non-CPO used cars by launching, expending lots of hidden camera effort and Mission: Impossible trappings to put home the point that GM's Certified Used vehicles come with a multitude of benefits.

Unfortunately, it's an epic fail, mainly because private sellers were targeted instead of shady operators. Who ever heard of a private sale offering financing, roadside assistance, or warranty? Does GM (or its agency, Mullen) really think that the guy with 8 cars on his front lawn is their sales arm's competition? It's a case of a very slick website, lots of time and money invested, but totally wrong aim. If a fuzzy-haired guy in a ratty sportcoat starts asking you about financing on that Aztek you've always regretted, punch him. That would be more compelling video than what they've got now, which is basically just private sellers getting confused with this dude's out of place questions. Press release after the jump.