Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harley-Davidson purchases MV Agusta and Cagiva

The rumored purchase of MV Agusta by Harley-Davidson is now official. The total purchase price of $109 million nets HD both Italian sportbike maker MV Agusta as well as its Cagiva brand. While most of the world will be focusing in on MV, and with good reason, we at AutoblogGreen have a particular interest in what the sale could mean for the Cagiva brand. After all, there isn't much fuel savings to be had with MV's line of super-fast sportbikes. Cagiva, on the other hand, specializes in eking the most power possible from rather small mills, which is both a boon to efficiency and makes its bikes extremely entertaining machines. Though they are not currently sold in the U.S., Cagiva's bikes, like the 125cc Mito pictured above, make perfect starter machines for many new riders in Europe, and an influx of cash from HD's deep pockets could be just what Cagiva needs to re-enter the American market. At least, we hope so.