Monday, July 28, 2008

Monticello Motor Club: Exclusive track opens near NYC

Science-fiction writers have predicted this time and time again: one day mankind would discover Heaven somewhere in the vastness of Space. Nobody ever figured it would be in upstate New York, though. But so be it: the Monticello Motor Club, a seemingly heavenly combination of country club and racing track that just opened yesterday.

The concept is to provide a challenging circuit with the amenities and exclusivity of a country club. The track runs over four miles long with 22 corners and can be set up in any of 12 different configurations. Members can drive their own cars – at an hour and a half drive (or 25-min helicopter ride) it's the closest track to Manhattan – to the club, have them stored their, or rent from a fleet of sportscars (even a claimed F1 racer) on site. Advanced driving and racing courses will be on offer, as well as logistical planning for members' entry into racing events. And when the moneyed club member gets exhausted from driving all out on the track – or, as the club puts it, for accompanying spouses – the Monticello Motor Club offers a five-star club house, complete with spa and a planned luxury hotel. Membership, which is limited to a maximum of 500, costs $125,000 to join and $7,500 minimum each year, but with facilities like these and charter members including Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Glickenhaus and Jeff Gordon, you can bet New York's car-crazed elite will be lining up to join... and we'll be cozying up for a guest pass.