Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top 5 Road Trip Vehicles

Do you, your friends and family love to take road trips? If you are often on the road and have far distances to travel you may want to consider owning or leasing one of the top road trip vehicles! Whether you are taking road trips frequently, have a long distance to work or a family or friends house these vehicles will be great for you!

  1. Toyota Sienna - Nothing is better than a van for when you have children. The Toyota Sienna provides side sunshades, DVD entertainment, navigation system, adaptive cruise control, electrical outlets, and rear side windows. The Sienna is a great for road trips! Keep your children quiet and enjoying the ride!
  2. Honda Element - The Element is a great vehicle for road trips! The vehicle has backseats that fold into a bed which make it very spacious. It is a very sleek and smooth ride. Along with the great amount of space the vehicle also gets great gas mileage!
  3. Maybach 62 - When taking road trips the Maybach 62 has you covered! The vehicle provides beverage coolers, video monitors, and a Bose stereo. In a hot area? Not a problem the vehicle provides four-zone climate control air conditioning.
  4. Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer - These vehicles are great for long road trips and a packed car. Not only are very spacious they are great for pulling trailers and other objects behind up to 7,000 pounds!
  5. Dodge Magnum - The Magnum is thought of as a classy station wagon. Along with it’s great looks it provides a very spacious wagon which can hold a ton of your belongings when on the road. This vehicle is very spacious for 5 people. The vehicle is also great on gas so drive away!

Consider one of these vehicles and watch your daily car trips run a lot smoother! Keep your children entertained and enjoying the ride while you are relaxing and getting closer to your destination!