Monday, July 28, 2008

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Yesterday, Ryan and I went to the motorcycles races down at Pacific Raceways, and even though I came home with a wicked sunburn, I had a blast. While this was an amateur event, the folks from the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association clearly aren't fooling around, and there was plenty of serious hardware in the pits. Along with the vintage bike classes葉he tires are so skinny! 葉here were races for 600s, 750s, 1000cc twins and an anything-goes class where all the insane liter bikes went head-to-head. I'll have pics posted in the events section tomorrow, but for now, make sure to check out this clip of some bikes whipping down the straight, and don't miss the photos of the sidecar bike after the jump. Riding on that little platform at triple-digit speeds must be one hell of a rush! What did you do this weekend?