Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rolls-Royce releases official sketches of new RR4

We've seen plenty of photoshopped renderings of Rolls-Royce's next effort, the RR4, but this morning, the BMW-owned British luxury icon released the first official sketches of the new car. The RR4 won't be coming to market for another two years, but its design is complete and vehicle development and testing is well underway. The marque's Goodwood factory is undergoing renovations that will allow its production lines to accommodate the full Phantom range as well as the new RR4.

Based on the sketches, it looks like the RR4 will be retaining the same long-hood, high-beltline proportions as the Phantom series cars. Although rumors have had the RR4 being built on a derivative of the new 7-series platform, Rolls isn't saying anything about that right now. The car will apparently have a unique new engine not shared with any other models. You can read Rolls-Royce's official press release is after the jump.