Monday, July 28, 2008

BMW Series 7 hybrid too expensive?

Coming in a hybrid version?

BMW is considering a new Series 7 Active Hybrid for the US market in 2009 which utilizes GM's dual mode hybrid technology, such as found in the Chevy Tahoe hybrid, according to InsideLine. Unfortunately, the new hybrid will probably fetch a price well over $80,000, and BMW isn't certain such a hybrid is worth producing.

Interestingly, this new BMW hybrid vehicle would be the first non-SUV to utilize GM's two-mode hybrid system, a system designed especially for large SUVs and trucks. While there is no doubt that the two mode system could be scaled down for smaller hybrids, there are questions about cost-effectiveness and whether two modes are really needed in small hybrids. Sadly, whether relevant or not, an $80,000+ dual mode hybrid doesn't help answer those questions - at least not in an optimistic fashion.